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A Sensory Delight: Tango & Wine For Tenants at Old Montreal

In Old Montreal, Tango Show Productions offered a unique Tango & Wine event at the iconic Humaniti building, blending wine tasting with Argentine tango. A true success in deepening the human connection among tenants.


In the heart of Old Montreal, Tango Show Productions recently unveiled a captivating event that transcended the boundaries of traditional entertainment. The much-anticipated Tango & Wine activity, hosted at the Sky Lounge on the 20th floor of the iconic Humaniti Locatifs Résidentiels building, offered tenants a unique and unforgettable experience. This innovative fusion of wine tasting and Argentine tango, featuring exquisite wines curated by Latitude Sud from Mendoza, Argentina, and a passionate tango performance by Hernan Lazart and Marina Mauri, proved to be a resounding success.

The Wine Selection

Participants were treated to a curated selection of three exceptional wines from the private importation agency Latitude Sud by Andrea Roca. The lineup included: the fleshy and airy FABRICIO ORLANDO WINEMAKER, Castizo malbec 2021, the sophisticated BODEGAS STAPHYLE Vastago De Gea 2020, and the rich and distinguished BODEGAS STAPHYLE Partida Limitada cabernet franc 2020—all hailing from the renowned wine region of Mendoza, Argentina. Each wine was handpicked to complement the essence of the tango and elevate the overall sensory experience.

The Sommelier's Touch

Guiding participants through this delightful wine journey was the passionate sommelier Sébastien Ménard-Dumont, known as Un Homme de Vin. With an extensive knowledge of wines and an infectious enthusiasm, Sébastien not only shared the nuances of each Mendoza wine but also created an immersive atmosphere that heightened the appreciation of the tasting experience.

His expertise added an extra layer of sophistication to the event, making it more than just a gathering of tenants—it was a celebration of taste and culture.

Tango & Wine Unleashed

As glasses clinked and the rich aromas of fine Mendoza wines filled the air, the highlight of the evening unfolded—the Argentine tango. Hernan Lazart and Marina Mauri, seasoned professionals in the world of tango, took the dancefloor to deliver a beautiful performance. Their seamless movements, passion, and skill in the art of tango left a lasting impression on all attendees. Following the performance, participants were invited to join a tango class led by the talented duo, allowing them to immerse themselves in the rhythm and grace of this iconic dance form.

A Fusion of Senses

Tango & Wine wasn't just an event; it was a journey that engaged all the senses. The combination of exquisite wines from Mendoza, expert guidance from a dedicated sommelier, and the electrifying energy of Argentine tango created a unique and unforgettable experience. Attendees found themselves transported to a world where the boundaries between wine and dance blurred, and the fusion of these two art forms resulted in an evening that delighted the palate, captivated the soul, and left a lasting impression.


The Tango & Wine activity at Humaniti proved to be more than just an entertainment event—it was a celebration of culture, taste, and the arts. Tango Show Productions successfully brought together the world of fine wines from Mendoza, Argentina, and the enchanting allure of Argentine tango, leaving participants with memories of a sensory journey that transcended the ordinary. As the curtains closed on this exceptional evening, it was evident that Tango & Wine had not only met but exceeded the expectations of those fortunate enough to partake in this one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of Old Montreal.

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