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Discovering the Joy of Tango at the Exclusive Rotary Club Class in Montréal

An exclusive tango class and networking at the magical Fundraising evening organized by the Rotary Club in Montreal. The perfect opportunity to learn a new skill and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

Montreal's vibrant cultural scene came alive with an enchanting Fundraising evening organized by the Rotary Club. This heartwarming event, held at the Montreal CoWork, brought together 50 participants to support the noble cause of Oeuvres du Rotary Montreal Ville-Marie's initiatives for youth. The evening showcased not only the beauty of tango but also the power of collective action to make a positive impact on young lives. Let's dive into the details of this remarkable event that left everyone with a smile and a newfound love for the art of tango.

Supporting Youth Initiatives

The Rotary Club has always been at the forefront of charitable efforts, especially when it comes to supporting initiatives for the betterment of young minds. Oeuvres du Rotary Montreal Ville-Marie is a testament to this commitment, dedicated to uplifting and empowering the youth of Montreal.

Tango Initiation Class: a Human Connection

The event commenced with a tango initiation class, which served as a bridge between the participants and the elegant art of tango. As the music began to play, enthusiastic novices learned the basic steps, the most popular poses, and the essence of tango. While many attendees were initially unsure of their dancing abilities, the passion and enthusiasm of the instructors quickly put them at ease.

During the class, participants discovered the subtleties of leading and following, creating a harmonious dance partnership that mirrored the spirit of collaboration encouraged by the Rotary Club. As the atmosphere filled with laughter and encouragement, it became evident that everyone was eager to embrace this beautiful dance form and, in doing so, support the youth of Montreal.


So proud to be part of this amazing event from @rotary supporting Ville-Marie's initiatives for youth 👫! Thank you for your invitation an... See more

Networking and Appetizers: Building Bonds for a Cause

Following the tango initiation class, participants had the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded individuals who were equally enthusiastic about supporting the Rotary Club's initiatives. Tango had already laid the groundwork for building new bonds, and now, amid shared laughter and engaging conversations, the sense of camaraderie only grew stronger.


The tango class organized by the Rotary Club was a resounding success, leaving participants with fond memories, newfound friendships, and a sense of accomplishment. This unique event blended the elegance of tango with the spirit of giving, resulting in a beautiful tapestry of support for Oeuvres du Rotary Montreal Ville-Marie's initiatives for youth.

As the attendees bid farewell to the event, they carried with them not only the enchantment of tango but also the knowledge that they had contributed to making a positive change in the lives of Montreal's youth.

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