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A Magical Day at the Ville Mont-Royal Multicultural Fair

Discover the charm of tango with Tango Show during the celebration of Argentina.

Celebrating the Rich Spirit of Argentina

On the vibrant 23rd of September, the Fair at Ville Mont-Royal was a spectacle to behold. Tango Show dazzled the audience with two one-hour show, featuring a delightful blend of tango and live music. The show boasted a diverse cast of talented artists, including skilled tango dancers, enchanting circus performers, and the enchanting melodies of a live piano and the emblematic tango music instrument, the bandoneon.

Tango Show, led by the artistic director Hernan Lazart, took the stage in a stunning display of tango brilliance. Hernan seduced the audience alongside Missy, known for her captivating performance of "Revolution" on TVA, showcasing traditional tango artistry. He also surprised us with innovative circus movements alongside the talented circus artist Mireille Chamberland. The show also featured the exceptional talents of the dynamic dancers, Alex and Paulina, who added an extra layer of elegance and passion to the event.

In addition to the captivating performances, Tango Show also hosted a lively tango class that brought families together. Both children and adults eagerly participated in the class, experiencing the joy and elegance of the tango firsthand. The event was a testament to the power of art and community, leaving a trail of magical memories for all those in attendance.

The atmosphere was further enriched by the presence of hundreds of enthusiastic Argentine attendees, as well as local families from the Ville Mont-Royal town, fostering an atmosphere of cultural exchange and community celebration.

As the event reached its crescendo, the sky came alive with a breathtaking fireworks display. Mayor Peter J. Malouf graced the stage to introduce the finale and express his heartfelt gratitude to the town for their enthusiastic participation and support, capping off a day filled with cultural celebration and community spirit. The event left a lasting impression, etching memories of joy and togetherness in the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to attend.